Maintaining a tidy construction site throughout the duration of your project is crucial for the safety and well-being of all your workers. There are many ways to ensure that your site is kept clean and organized with the help of your crew. Injuries on construction sites happen often and easily, so placing some priority on the tidiness of your project will leave your company much more trustworthy with clients. Stone Equipment is based in Auburn, Alabama, and provides sites in the surrounding areas with high-quality heavy construction equipment that will last the length of your project. With years of experience in the construction industry, the Stone team understands what types of hazards to avoid on-site. Keep reading to learn how you can maintain a clean site for you and your team today.

Understanding the many terms that fall within construction can be difficult and it’s easy to forget some important elements. If you’re planning a project but don’t know where to start, make sure you know how to correctly identify what you’re dealing with. When you contact a reliable company, like Stone Equipment, to help you through the process, being able to tell them what you need using the proper terms comes in handy. Keep reading to learn what some of the most common definitions are to ensure you start on the right track.

Whether you frequently drive by construction sites or actively work on them, you’ve probably noticed by now that almost all of the equipment and heavy machinery is yellow. While this color choice may seem random, there are many reasons that the color yellow helps those in the industry and brings plenty of benefits to your site. As easy as it can be to let your equipment wear down or wait for the color to fade away, there are some key ways to maintain it for not only your safety but for the safety of your entire crew. Stone Equipment is one of Auburn, Alabama’s most trusted suppliers of construction machinery with knowledge on how to properly take care of it. Keep reading to understand why yellow equipment is so common and how you can keep it that way.

Buying used or new heavy equipment comes down to your company’s needs and best interests. There are short-term and long term inventory requirements. The good news is you are not alone in making this decision. There are benefits to buying new and used heavy equipment. The hard part is deciding which is best for your project. Stone Equipment is here to help you understand the benefits of buying new versus used heavy equipment.

Chances are you’ve driven past a construction site before and spotted all kinds of machinery. At a glance, it can be hard to figure out what they all do and why they’re there, but if you’re starting a project, it’s crucial to understand their differences and functions. Choosing the right equipment can make or break your construction plan and determine what type of results you’ll have. From Excavators to Off-Road Trucks, Stone Equipment is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality machinery. With knowledgeable specialists and personable service, they’ll help you find the best equipment for your next project. Continue reading to learn about what kinds of machines you should consider.

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