Aggregates are the foundation of our roads, buildings, and infrastructure projects. It all starts at the quarry, where big machines dig up the raw materials. These rocks are then crushed, sorted, and hauled to construction sites with a fleet of heavy-duty trucks.

What Are Aggregates?

Aggregates might not get the spotlight, but they're essential for construction. These materials, like sand, gravel, and crushed stone, are the building blocks for our roads, buildings, and infrastructure. The process of getting aggregates from quarries to construction sites is a well-organized operation that ensures we have the high-quality materials needed for various projects.

Extraction from Quarries

The journey begins at quarries, where raw materials are extracted from the earth. Powerful machinery, like excavators and loaders, play a crucial role in this stage. Top-notch machines like Hyundai and Kobelco excavators are built to handle the tough job of digging and moving large amounts of earth. This initial extraction is the first step in producing usable aggregates.

Crushing and Screening

Once extracted, the raw materials are transported to crushing plants. Here, crushers, such as those from KPI-JCI and Johnson Crushers, reduce large rocks into smaller, manageable sizes. The materials then go through screening processes to separate different sizes and grades of aggregates.

Transportation Logistics

After crushing and screening, aggregates need to be transported to various construction sites. This involves a well-coordinated logistics network, utilizing heavy-duty trucks and conveyors. Stone Equipment's robust fleet ensures timely and efficient delivery of materials. We work closely with clients to meet their specific project timelines, ensuring that construction progresses smoothly.

Stockpiling and Storage

Before aggregates are used on construction sites, they are often stockpiled at strategic locations. This is essential for managing supply and demand, and ensuring that materials are readily available when needed. Our equipment, like conveyors and material handlers, aids in the efficient stockpiling and storage of aggregates, minimizing waste and maximizing productivity.

Delivery to Construction Sites

The final leg of the journey involves delivering aggregates to construction sites. This requires precise coordination and timely execution. Our experienced team at Stone Equipment ensures that materials arrive on time, reducing delays and keeping projects on schedule. We pride ourselves on our reliable service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Stone Equipment’s Role

At Stone Equipment, we play a pivotal role in every stage of the aggregates journey. From providing advanced machinery for extraction and crushing to ensuring efficient transportation and delivery, we are committed to supporting the construction industry. Our expertise and equipment make us a trusted partner for all aggregate needs in the Southeast.

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