Looking for equipment that can expedite your construction process? How about a machine that has been known to be the equivalent of as many as 20 manual laborers working on the same project? Look no further, because excavators may be just the type of equipment you need. Excavators are diesel-powered construction machinery that are used for earth digging and material transportation. Stone Equipment is available to provide you with excavators for sale and for rent to fulfill your construction needs. However, before choosing between purchasing or renting, you will need to understand the different types of excavators to know what is best for your project.

1. Crawler Excavator

The crawler excavator is the standard machinery that most people envision when thinking about excavators. It is equipped with a bucket, boom, and arm on the front of the machine. An interesting feature of the machine is that instead of running on wheels it runs on two rotating tracks, similar to a tank. This dynamic excavator can dig without the need for much set-up and comes in different sizes depending on the type of project needing to be completed.

2. Wheeled Excavator

Wheeled excavators are very similar to the crawler excavator. The main difference between the two is that instead of rotating tracks, wheels are what get this excavator moving. Wheeled excavators are typically more convenient for long-distance sites or traveling because they can drive themselves on the road, while the crawler excavator must be pulled by a trailer.

3. Short Swing Radius

Short swing radius excavators are the perfect machine for maneuvering between confined spaces due to the size of their swing radius. A swing radius is an entire circle within the limit the equipment may move between. The small swing radius of this excavator makes it ideal for projects in smaller job sites. Job sites in which this excavator is a good choice for urban job sites including road construction, bridges, and other confined spaces

4. Long Reach Excavator

If you have a hard-to-reach space to dig like an underwater site or a deep trench, long reach excavators are the way to go. This general-purpose excavator is known for its extendable arm that can reach zones that are over 100 feet away horizontally. The arm can typically reach from 30 to 60 feet out. They are generally used for demolition and heavy-duty digging projects. These long reach excavators are perfect for keeping the machine operator at a safe distance from potentially dangerous work sites.

5. Backhoe Loaders

The last type of machinery we are going to discuss is the Backhoe Loader. Unlike the previous excavators mentioned this type is not for general purpose. The backhoe loaders are specially used for landscaping or mining. The difference between backhoe loaders and excavators is in their mobility. While other excavators have 360-degree movement, backhoe loaders can only move left and right. This machinery features a boom, stick, and bucket in the back. As well as, a large loader on the front to be able to move or load dirt, sand, demolition debris, and more onto another type of heavy machinery. They are perfect for a job that consists of digging or leveling the ground.

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