Aggregates are one of the most important building blocks of the construction industry and our society today. They are easy to overlook because of how common they are, but understanding them is vital to completing a successful project. Stone Equipment is one of the most trustworthy and respected heavy machinery companies in and around the Auburn, Alabama area. Thanks to new advances in aggregate equipment, it’s now safer than ever to develop and use it. Continue reading to learn more about what aggregates are and why they’re so important for everyone.

What Is Aggregate?

Aggregates are key ingredients for not only construction, but the world as a whole when it comes to functionality. As the most basic material used in construction, it’s always in demand and constantly being used by the ton. Examples of aggregates include naturally formed raw materials like gravel, stone, and sand which can be found in quarries or mines. They range in size from small grains of sand to larger boulders that can be broken down. These materials can be mixed with water or cement in order to form concrete which is used to create the foundation of many projects.

Why Is Aggregate Important?

A construction project needs to have the proper materials and bases to succeed and last. Because aggregates are used in the formation of cement, they play a crucial role on every construction site. Without sand, we wouldn’t have glass or plastic, materials we use almost every day, as well as pennies without zinc. Every year, the average person needs about 10,000 tons of aggregate, and considering how many people there are in the world, that’s a lot. It’s an important aspect in creating roads, bridges, buildings, and many more structures we come in contact with daily. To put it into perspective, the average-sized school requires about 13,000 tons of aggregate, which is equal to 650 truckloads. Surprisingly, they are also used to filter air and water, on top of helping with water purification. When you look at the industry itself, it provides over 7,000 direct jobs and around 34,000 indirect ones, giving people a great number of opportunities.

How Is Aggregate Used?

The process of breaking down and using aggregates should be followed step by step because each one depends on the last. A good quality aggregate should remain uniform and consistent and you must clean and dry it before use. To prepare it, you normally mine it, crush it, wash it down, and then separate the materials. Oftentimes, the site you choose to mine on needs to be inspected beforehand and could even require a permit with guidelines that should be carefully followed. Removing the top layer of grass and soil is commonly done with excavators or bulldozers, which can both be rented or purchased from a dependable company like Stone. Making sure that you have the proper construction equipment to complete this job is vital for the safety of everyone working on the project.

How We Can Help

At Stone Equipment, we provide the best quality construction equipment for sale or rent and work with you to find what you need. Our team consists of well-informed individuals who value the safety and experience of all customers. Whether you’re in the middle of a project or you’re just starting out, the process can be a lot to take on alone. When it comes to aggregation, our equipment is new and will give you the results you need. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you.

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