Understanding the many terms that fall within construction can be difficult and it’s easy to forget some important elements. If you’re planning a project but don’t know where to start, make sure you know how to correctly identify what you’re dealing with. When you contact a reliable company, like Stone Equipment, to help you through the process, being able to tell them what you need using the proper terms comes in handy. Keep reading to learn what some of the most common definitions are to ensure you start on the right track.

Aggregate: the most basic material used in construction, aggregate is made up of natural sources like gravel or sand and can be mixed with adhesives to produce concrete

Backfilling: usually done after work like excavation has been completed, backfilling is when the dirt that’s been removed from a hole or trench is refilled

Beam: beams ensure that the foundation for your project is sturdy and in place while creating an efficient path for loading heavy weight throughout

Blueprint: these are vital to most construction sites and provide a detailed drawing of the project and what the design will look like

Building Information Modeling (BIM): BIM provides workers with a digital 3D model including the details and material needed to be used during the project

Bulldozer: this heavy machinery is used to push loose material around or break through walls and certain other structures

Caulk: a waterproof sealer used to prevent leaks in cracks, normally around windows, pipes, and doors

Circuit Breaker: these protect equipment and electrical circuits by stopping extra electrical currents from causing damage

Composting: as a form of recycling, composting is the combination of organic matter, like leaves and food scraps, to form fertilizer that ultimately helps to enrich soil and plants

Concrete: another common building material made up of sand, water, and gravel that’s used mainly for structural purposes or filling molds

Conveyors: a conveyor system works to easily transport loads to and from a certain area within a construction site, minimizing errors and lowering risks in the workplace

Crushers: a large piece of machinery that uses force to break down larger materials like concrete, rocks, and asphalt in order to recycle, size, and much more

Demolition: the process of tearing or knocking down a building or structure

Drill: this piece of equipment is used to cut circular holes and can also help with inserting screws

Excavation: this is the process of moving earth, rocks, or other large materials to form a cavity in the ground, and can be specially done by using excavators to form things like roads or foundations

Foundation: known as the base level of most buildings, the foundation of a project is crucial and ensures the structure above is fully supported

General Contractor: the general contractor is the company or individual who is in charge of running the day-to-day operations during a construction project

Loaders: these heavy-duty machines are responsible for transporting heavy materials like soil, dirt, or sand to and from your site or to other machinery

Lot: a lot is the general area that’s been designated for construction or development

Project Manager: this is the main person who must meet deadlines and plan the project, usually with great leadership and communication skills

Zoning: the laws and regulations put into place by the government to determine how development can take place at a construction site

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