Whether you frequently drive by construction sites or actively work on them, you’ve probably noticed by now that almost all of the equipment and heavy machinery is yellow. While this color choice may seem random, there are many reasons that the color yellow helps those in the industry and brings plenty of benefits to your site. As easy as it can be to let your equipment wear down or wait for the color to fade away, there are some key ways to maintain it for not only your safety but for the safety of your entire crew. Stone Equipment is one of Auburn, Alabama’s most trusted suppliers of construction machinery with knowledge on how to properly take care of it. Keep reading to understand why yellow equipment is so common and how you can keep it that way.

Why is Heavy Equipment Yellow?

The color yellow may seem random if you don’t know why it was chosen, but there are lots of reasons it’s the best option, especially for construction. Our brains have been proven to process the bright color of yellow before most other colors, making it attention-grabbing and effective. One of the biggest impacts of this color being used for heavy equipment is the enhanced safety of those surrounding the construction site. Pedestrians and others who aren’t actively working will find it easier to avoid big machines that could cause serious injuries. Construction sites are filled with safety hazards and it can be hard to keep track of them sometimes, so having yellow machines has helped many throughout their projects.

A high number of these projects take place in the evening or even overnight, causing visibility to be an issue many workers must put up with. One of the first reasons equipment was ever changed to yellow is because people needed more visibility on the highway while they worked in the dark. At night, yellow is the most visible color on the spectrum and often shows up much easier in harsher conditions. If you find yourself working on a project in the rain, snow, or fog, your machines will be spotted right away with this bright color compared to others like blue, green, or red. Many people on-site tend to work right next to dangerous equipment and being able to see it in all conditions is crucial to staying safe and being comfortable.

Another reason yellow has become the most common color choice for equipment is because of the historical meaning it holds. Yellow has always been known as a more cautious color, representing safety signs and equipment in numerous industries. You probably notice wet floor signs, caution tape, or yellow traffic lights faster than different colored signs because of the way our minds react to them. Additionally, many wild animals that contain yellow are known to be poisonous and dangerous, so people stay away from them, just like they should with heavy machinery in construction.

How To Maintain Yellow Heavy Equipment Machinery

Whether you choose to rent or purchase your equipment, keeping it in shape and well-maintained is vital to making it last as long as possible and function correctly. There are many reasons why your machinery could get dirty or worn, and there’s no need to stress because it happens to everyone. Now that you understand why the yellow color of your equipment is so important, you should try to maintain it frequently for everyone’s safety.

Make sure you are always making time to clean your machinery regularly to avoid damage or malfunctions. Working in rough conditions like sand, mud, or rain may result in you needing an appointment for cleaning. Most reliable companies, like Stone Equipment, have specialists who can help you determine what you need to do to keep your machines in the best shape possible. On top of this, they’ll give you tips and ideas if you find you ever need to clean your equipment yourself. Using a damp rag or hose can be effective if you have to remove dirt or mud, but for bigger projects, contacting a professional could come in handy.

Perform inspections often, especially if you’re using rented equipment, to make sure you catch any damage ahead of time. During your inspection, don’t forget to check the cords and wires that might be attached to your machines and ensure they stay away from excessive amounts of water or debris. When you aren’t using your heavy construction equipment, invest in storage that you know works and remains reliable. Leaving machines exposed outside while you don’t use them leaves room for more damage and could cause the yellow color to fade away, resulting in a safety concern.

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