Lexington, NC

Located in Davidson County, Lexington, NC is famously known as "The Barbeque Capital of the World." With its rich history, top attractions, accommodations, dining options, and unique activities, Lexington is a truly special place to visit.

As a proud provider of equipment services in Lexington, NC, Stone Equipment is committed to assisting the city with a wide range of jobs, from environmental to aggregate operations. We offer industry-leading environmental equipment and top-quality products for aggregate and mineral operations, ensuring that no job is too big for us to handle.

With our extensive fleet of equipment, sourced from reputable manufacturers, and our experienced team, Stone Equipment is ready to provide expert guidance in determining the best-fit solutions for your project, ensuring efficient and effective completion. Contact us today at 844-786-6373 or through our convenient contact form to learn more about how Stone Equipment can support your equipment needs in Lexington, NC, and beyond.

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